The Incredible Woman Who Survived Two Pandemics


Survivor. That's what Sylvia Goldsholl calls herself.  I think we all would agree.

Sylvia is 108 years young.  Not only did she live through the 1918 flu pandemic…she has also just survived coronavirus.  

Sylvia lives at a nursing home in Allendale, New Jersey.  She was diagnosed with COVID-19 last month, but has since fully recovered. It appears to make her the oldest person in that state to recover from the virus.

New Jersey’s Governor said in a tweet yesterday about Sylvia; “A tremendous life, a tremendous spirit, and a tremendous show of strength."

As for how Sylvia feels about surviving not one, but two pandemics?  She says "I survived everything because I was determined to survive."  She adds, “The oldest of four children, I was the smartest one from the bunch…I am a survivor. I've got to come out on the top of every list."

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