Twin Sisters Share Top Spot as Co-Valedictorians


One particular set of twins shared a lot at their high school.  They shared classes, they shared clubs and extracurricular activities. And now, they’re sharing the top spot in their class.

Sisters, 18-year-old Abigail and 18-year-old Ellie Kienast, are co-valedictorians at Northeast High in Pasadena, Maryland. When they found out the news, they were happy to hear that their high school experience concluded with them still together.  

Traditionally, schools review academic achievement to decide on a valedictorian. So, Northeast High reviewed the twins’ grades and found their GPA was exactly the same.  Yes, the twins earned a weighted GPA of 4.93!  Amazing!!

Makes sense the girls would both finish on top AND with the same GPA as they studied together all the time! 

As for the future, they plan to branch off on separate paths.  Abby plans to major in aeronautical science so she can become a pilot and flight instructor. Ellie is going to become a mathematician.​

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