Use Your Sniffer Instead of Best Before Labels


Despite what many people think, “Best Before Dates” don’t actually tell you whether your food is safe to eat.  Surprised? Well, you wouldn’t be alone.

According to a statement from the mobile app “Too Good To Go”, a third of Brits rely solely on Best Before labels when deciding whether our food has gone bad. The problem? These dates are indicators of quality, not safety.  They’re only there to tell you when the bread will be at its softest OR the lettuce leaves at their crunchiest.

In other words, that means that we’re throwing away thousands of tonnes of perfectly edible, delicious food–all because of a little label or stamp that’s just trying to say that your food isn’t quite as fresh as it once was.

So “Too Good to Go” came up with an idea. ‘Smell-by’ labels.  Covering off four commonly wasted products (oats, OJ, eggs, and beer), these scratch ‘n’ sniff sticker labels will train your nose to know exactly what your food would smell like if it really was no longer okay to eat.  The aim? To help us all get back to trusting our senses.

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