We're Eating Healthier and Wasting Less Food


Amid lockdowns, people are eating healthier, cooking their own food, and consuming more fruit and vegetables, according to preliminary results from a worldwide Corona Cooking Survey.

Based on analysis of answers to the survey by 11,000 people in 11 countries, consumers reported fewer purchases of microwave-prepared foods, and fewer purchases of sweet and salty snacks.

“Consumption of salty, fat and sweet products usually goes up when people are under stress, but during the pandemic this heightened craving has been fulfilled in many countries with home-baked delicacies,” said Charlotte De Backer, chairman of FOOMS, a research group on food and media at U. Antwerp.

Furthermore, the study, conducted by the University of Antwerp in collaboration with U. Ghent and U. Leuven, is revealing that as more people rely less on LeanCuisine and Stouffer’s, the act of cooking in their kitchens has become more of a habit as workers are banished from their office buildings and spend more at home. 

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