Why This Man Should Win Grandpa of the Year!


Hands down, this gent should win the award for “Grandpa of the Year!”

Kevin Procopio missed playing with his grandchildren, since the COVID-19 quarantine required that they all stay in isolation—but he came up with a fun way to connect.

A little ways down the road, in Saugus, Massachusetts, the family was experiencing “extreme cabin fever” until they got a phone call with directions for everyone to go out on their deck.  The three boys - all under the age of 5 - were super excited. The oldest child, Oren, ran out and anxiously waited.

In came a drone carrying a box of donut holes, delivered right into Oren’s arms.

The special delivery from ‘Papa Kevin’ thrilled the kids and brightened the spirits mom and dad, who were super happy for the diversion.

Click HERE to read more on the story and watch a video of the doughnut drone delivery!