Young Boy Unearths Amazing Find with Birthday Metal Detector


Once upon a time in a green and pleasant land lived a boy who dreamed of buried treasure. Armed with a brand-new magic wand, he set out one day to see what he could find. On his first outing, he found something incredible!

Only this wasn’t a fairy tale. It was real life.  And, uh...the magic wand was a metal detector.)

When 10-year-old Fionntan Hughes of Northern Ireland got a metal detector for his birthday this summer, he was eager to try it—and the first time he did, he found a buried treasure—or more accurately, the remains of a 300-year-old sword buried on the banks of the River Blackwater near his family home.

An antique arms dealer believes the sword’s ornate design and “plum pudding” pommel points to it most likely having belonged to an English officer.

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