Experts Discover Rare Half Male Half Female Songbird


Isn’t nature just amazing?  Experts have found a songbird that’s both male and female on different sides of its body.

The Powdermill Nature Reserve in Pennsylvania says its just the fifth ever bird of its kind …and they should know as they’ve researched some 800,000 birds over the years.

Identified as a Rose-breasted Grosbeak, the male and female hybrid is notably distinguished by the colour of its respective bodies; males have pink ‘wing pits’, whereas a females; a yellow-brown.

Scientists admit they don’t know a lot about this phenomenon but don’t believe it has an impact on the birds development or life span.

The phenomenon is called Gynandromorphism (Ji-Nandro-morphism) - believe it or not, isn’t all that uncommon throughout the animal and insect worlds, with spiders, butterflies, crustaceans, and even chickens sharing both male and female features.

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