Grocery chain 'No Frills' just dropped a hilarious album on streaming sites

No Frills album

2020 is the year of the surprise album. First, we had Folklore from Taylor Swift. Now we’ve got an album from, well, an unexpected player in the music scene. Canada’s favourite no-fuss grocery store, No Frills, has just made their official album debut and we gotta say, these tracks kinda slap.

The brand took to Instagram this week to announced the drop of Haulin’ State of Mind. The 13-track album features titles like “88 Sale,” “So Fresh,” “Bag It Up,” and “Low Bills.” All the songs are full of sick beats and catchy lyrics talking about how great No Frills is. We’re not sure who’s on the marketing team behind this. But whoever it is, they deserve a raise.

This album follows the hit success of the COVID-19-themed single they dropped back in May. “A Cart Apart” is one of the 13-tracks on the album; featuring lyrics like “It’s time for all the Haulers to haul responsibly/Make sure to wash your hands and haul/a cart apart” and “Hauling isn’t hoarding/H-h-hauling isn’t hoarding/Product limits apply.” You can watch the music video for that right here. Since it’s release, it’s already racked up a whopping 2.2 million views!

As for the rest of the album? That’s available to stream right now on Spotify and Apple Music. You can also get a free download of it by texting “ALBUM” to 374557 (Frills), which will also sign you up for ongoing promotional texts.

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