How to stay safe while putting up the Christmas lights

Christmas lights

Are you planning on putting the Christmas lights up this weekend? Be careful! According to WorkSafe BC, there were 1,667 serious injuries as a result of falls from ladders in BC between 2013 and 2017. WorkSafe BC has five good tips for being safe while on a ladder stringing the lights up on the house:

  1. Select the right ladder for the job and ensure it is long enough to extend one metre above the upper landing.
  2. Place the ladder on a firm, level surface and inspect it before each use to ensure it’s in good working condition, looking for cracks or loose rungs.
  3. Maintain three points of contact while climbing a ladder: two feet and one hand, or two hands and one foot.
  4. Don’t work from the top two rungs of the ladder or have more than one worker on a ladder at once.
  5. Don’t carry heavy or bulky objects while climbing up or down a ladder.
    Wind, rain, and snow may pose hazards that need to be addressed.

Follow this advice and avoid injury while you deck the halls!

(Story from The Province. Image by Marina Khrapova on