Instead of a Gingerbread house, try a Charcuterie Chalet!


Every year, my lovely Wife and I make a neat little Gingerbread house over an evening, and every year it just sits there un touched and uneaten and we end up throwing it out. It is a complete waste of food.

Not everyone is a big fan of sugar either, and that's totally okay. So instead of making one, I recommend a tasty, delicious, Charcuterie Chalet. You could call it a meat house even?

These houses look like they can be gussied up any which way, and that makes me happy, just look at this guy!



my kind of gingerbread house #charcuteriehouse #cheesehouse #savory>sweetallday

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But the combinations are truly endless with a house like this. Don't like parmesan for snow? Try making a Gouda snowman! 

Also, look at the nice touch of Rosemary on this next one! 



In lieu of gingerbread a 🧀 and cracker 🏡 merry xmas everyone #charcuteriehouse

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Finally, check out this last one...



Charcuterie Cabin #charcuterie #charcuteriehouse #italianchristmasvillage #coldcutsplatter

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