Ohio State marching band's 'moon landing' show impressed even NASA!

Ohio State marching band

The NFL is cool and all, but it certainly has room to grow. While professional football is the most popular draw for football fans, college football isn’t that far behind. Mainly because college football is SO fun to watch.

The faster paced game, the overtime system, and the rules in general are all geared towards maximum excitement, but one of the coolest elements of the college football viewing experience is the marching band.

All game long you can see the marching band loyally hyping up the team and the crowd with rowdy, brass-heavy jams. A marching band is much more than just the sound they produce, though. Ohio State’s squad exemplified that in what is likely the coolest marching band display of all time.

And now for your feature presentation…


Forget textbooks, this is how we should be learning all our history lessons. The full moon landing on display, with smoke, props, and impeccable execution combining for an unforgettable show.

Even NASA was impressed!

(Story from BarDown.com)