Pet chicken loves eating screws

Chicken video capture

A pet chicken has shot to fame in China for its love for a unique snack - iron screws.

The picky eater was spotted gorging on the metal parts by its shocked owner, Song Zhenduo, who owns an electrical repair shop in north-eastern Chinese province Heilongjiang.

Despite having strange taste buds, the bird is said to be in healthy condition and even heavier than its peers after enjoying the 'nutritious' meal.

Mr Song, who lives in the town of Hailun in Heilongjiang, bought a brood of chicks in July and kept them on a front yard outside his store.

While working at the shop one day, the chicken owner was stunned to see one of the birds picking up the iron screws on the floor before gobbling them down.

'I was saying to my customer 'shoot, the chicken is going to die tomorrow',' Mr Song told Pear, a Chinese video website.

To the man's surprise, the hen was found roaming around the next day, seemingly unaffected by the unusual meal.

Mr Song said he didn't find the screws in the chicken's excrement, either.

Despite its strange food preference, the metal-lover is said to be in healthy condition and weigh about three kilos (6.6 pounds), one kilo (2.2 pounds) heavier than its peers, according to the owner.

The chicken is believed to contain 'acid substances' that could dissolve the metal parts after consuming them, according to a staff member from the local ministry of animal husbandry.

'[It] ate screws without excreting them. [The screws] would have been dissolved due to having acid substances,' the employee told reporters.

Footage of the hen eating screws amused millions of social media users on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, after being shared yesterday.

(Story from Daily Mail U.K.)