Public votes to rename road next to a Spanish IKEA as I'm Missing A Screw Street

Spanish street sign

Ikea has given people the chance to rename a street next to its new Spanish store - and the result caused a stir.

The public voted to name the stretch of road next to the new branch in Valladoid, northern Spain, Calle Me Falta un Tornillo, or I'm Missing a Screw Street. 

The Swedish flat-pack company decided to herald the opening of the new store with a Facebook poll. 

More than a thousand people cast their votes, with 54 per cent backing the winning street name.

The triumphant entry beat other suggestions including There's No Place Like Home Street or Hug on the Couch street, according to El Pais.  

The hilarious new street name gained traction on social media, with one user, whose post was retweeted more than 7,200 times, saying: 'Google Ikea Valladolid and see what street it's on, you won't regret it.'

Another user tweeted: 'I have made a request from Ikea and looking at the bill, I have gone mad. Do you know it is on a road called I'm Missing a Screw and the street exists?'

As part of the campaign, IKEA raffled off ten personalised reproductions of the plaque bearing the name of the winning street. 

The I'm Missing a Screw Street is near to the Rio Shopping retail park, meaning not only Ikea customers are treated to the funny name. 

This isn't the first time the public have revelled at the chance of creating memorable titles in online polls.

In 2016, Boaty McBoatface was the British people's choice when they were asked to name a polar research ship. The name received nearly 125,000 votes and the competition went viral - but in the end the vessel was named after Sir David Attenborough.

(Story from Daily Mail U.K.)