Say Thank You To Front Line Heroes with Horse Therapy


Life Coach Annika Voeltz says her horses are 'Masters of Mindfulness'.

Annika is a Horse-Assisted Therapist who has teamed up with The Central Okanagan Foundation and Canadian Mental Health in Kelowna for the most fascinating fundraiser.  With your donation, our front line heroes can spend time in horse therapy.

Horse-assisted therapy is a proven method for treating people who are experiencing depression, anxiety and symptoms related to trauma.  Spending time interacting with horses can draw out some of the anxiety, stress, and mental strain we are all feeling.  There's no doubt out front line hereoes...doctors, nurses, law enforcement officials, delivery drivers, care home emplyees, grocery store clerks, pharmacists...and many others...have been experiencing unprecedented stress since COVID-19 hit.

We spoke with Annika about why these majestic creatures are so good at helping ease stress:

To find out more about this incredible fundraiser and to make your donation to help a front line worker, click HERE