Taekwondo master builds school for kids in Haiti to learn martial arts for free

Pulse Martial Arts

Emerson Wong is a master in Taekwondo and an active stuntman and fight coordinator for Hollywood films.

He's also the owner of Pulse Martial Arts Academy in Toronto - a school that combines traditional and modern movement to create a generation of high performance athletes to excel in competition, life, and on the stage.

"As martial artists we have a billion tools in the martial arts system to add discipline and self-confidence," explained Wong.

"I feel we have a really big responsibility to be able to help the next generation of kids build those self-confidence and life skills which they will need because they are the next generation the ones shaping our communities in the future."

Leading by example is what Master Wong strongly believes in, making his humanitarian projects both in Canada and abroad extremely important to his life's work.

"There are four things in life that I believe are important. The first one is to achieve health. Next is happiness, to be passionate about something and finally to help someone else," said Wong.

In 2016, while on a humanitarian mission in Haiti, Wong brought along some martial arts equipment to benefit schools in the town of Pignon.

It was there that Wong met a hard working Haitian martial artist with a dream of opening his own school one day. Master Wong saw an opportunity to make a difference.

"I thought, 'Let's build a school for the kids and every person who comes to our school can learn for free,'" he said.

Pulse Martial Arts Haiti was completed in late November. It is a school with a mission to reach honesty, integrity, and self-discipline.

"That's something I believe in and for myself, I just want to be able to know that if I leave this world I have done a lot of good and a lot of people have benefited because of what I've done," said Wong.

"That makes me happy knowing I made a difference."

(Story from Global News)