The Worst Passwords of 2018


We all know that internet security is important and the first line of defense is a strong password, but when every single website and app requires a password sometimes we can get a little lazy.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and no one will hack your account, but if you make your password too easy it just might end up on SplashData’s annual list of Worst Passwords of the Year. SplashData just released the 8th edition of the list after evaluating more than five million passwords leaked on the Internet. They found that, despite huge, headline-making data breaches, many people continue using the same predictable, easily guessable passwords putting themselves at risk of being hacked and having their identities stolen. 2018 was the 5th consecutive year that “123456” and “password” were at the top of the list while “donald” and “666666” were new additions.

Here is SplashData’s full list of the top 25 worst passwords of 2018. If one of these looks familiar, change your password right now:

1 123456 (Rank unchanged from last year)
2 password (Unchanged)
3 123456789 (Up 3)
4 12345678 (Down 1)
5 12345 (Unchanged)
6 111111 (New)
7 1234567 (Up 1)
8 sunshine (New)
9 qwerty (Down 5)
10 iloveyou (Unchanged)
11 princess (New)
12 admin (Down 1)
13 welcome (Down 1)
14 666666 (New)
15 abc123 (Unchanged)
16 football (Down 7)
17 123123 (Unchanged)
18 monkey (Down 5)
19 654321 (New)
20 !@#$%^&* (New)
21 charlie (New)
22 aa123456 (New)
23 donald (New)
24 password1 (New)
25 qwerty123 (New)

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