Woman Puts Christmas Lights up 3 Months early!

SWNS / Yahoo News

Mom of the year award goes to... I know some folks hate seeing Christmas decorations up early, but here's the deal, Christmas is a time of joy!! 

With EVERYTHING that is going on in the world, I think a little JOY is exactly what we need, especially for the young ones! 


Well, Caroline Gabe from England, decided to fight off the COVID-BLUES by setting up a 3,000 light display on her house.

On top of the christmas display she has outside, she has already put up her tree, and I love that! 

She told the Sun

 "It's just been something nice in a horrible and surreal year. I just thought it would brighten the community up. I've got two younger children and it has really put a smile our faces. Every year I am always early with the Christmas decorations. But this is even early for me. The kids were smiling. People were coming up to the house and smiling. It has been lovely.''