• Viral Challenges - The Vans Challenge

    This week is viral challenges gives us the Vans challenge. A user on twitter found that all Vans shoes will land right side up no matter how you throw them so I went to see if the internet was lying to us. Give it a try yourself! Apparently crocs work too! - Cole

  • TGIFriday - Oct 12, 2018

    TGIF Figure Skating Challenge - This week Cole and Mason tested their chops on the ice with the Terrace Skating Club for a crash course (literally) on how to figure skate. How much could they learn in one hour? Watch the video to see! (And make sure you stick around to see the performance at the end). If you or someone you know wants to get involved and try something new, check out the Terrace Skating Club on Facebook, or on their website here: http://www.terraceskatingclub.com/

  • TGIFriday - Oct 5, 2018

    TGIF Pumpkin Carving Challenge - This week the gang gets into full Fall mode with a pumpkin carving competition! Let us know who you think was the master carver. And with October in full swing we know you’ll be carving pumpkins soon too so we want to see your creation! Comment a picture of your pumpkin Picasso down below!

  • TGIFriday - Sept. 28, 2018

    Pictionary Challenge: This week we channel our inner Picasso in a "friendly" game of Pictionary! It's Cole and Mason versus Britt and Marek, who will come out on top?

  • TGIFriday Makeover - Sept. 21

    This week Britt got the boys makeovers! The only catch is that it was the other guys giving said makeovers... Watch the boys struggle to do each other’s make up before a night out in this week’s video!