Trauma Yoga On It's Way To Prince Rupert


New programming for women fleeing violence is coming to the northwest.

A five year province- wide research project will bring trauma- focused yoga programs to 21 different transition houses across BC including in Prince Rupert and Smithers.

Researchers are hoping to prove the unique style of yoga can reduce anxiety and help survivors feel safe and secure.

"It's an emphasis on invitation and choice, it's an emphasis on safety, it's an emphasis on the experience as one's own as opposed to being directive. As opposed to the teacher being the expert. It's really about the student being an expert in their own body and it being a self- directed experience." Said Yoga Outreach's Executive Director Delanie Dyck

Yoga Outreach says they've received positive feedback from many participants that have never tried yoga before.

They are also aiming to establish programs at transition houses in smaller communities to allow distressed families to access courses that others take for granted.

Training for those interested in instructing the courses takes place on September 28th, you can also find more information at