Northwest perspectives are being sought for a COVID-19 survey

COVID-19 Survey

Northern Health is seeking input from Northwest residents in a questionnaire to share their COVID-19 pandemic experiences and actions to help inform B.C.'s response. A province-wide survey called 'BC COVID-19 SPEAK: Your story, our future' was launched earlier this month, and so far, more than 313,000 British Columbians have shared their stories, including more than 11,500 Northern B.C. residents. Northern Health Spokesperson Eryn Collins says that more feedback is being sought, particularly from men and seniors in Northern B.C.

"The response rate that they have seen from men and seniors in the North is a little bit lower, and those are groups and demographics that they absolutely want to capture the information from so, we are encouraging everyone to participate and letting folks know that particularly men and seniors have been underrepresented in the response rate so far and it's important that people share their information."

The survey is a collaboration of B.C. public health experts, the health authority, the B.C. Centers for Disease Control and the Provincial Health Services Authority. Collins says it's important to note that personal information collected is safe and secure since it follows rigorous privacy practices.

"It asks about what sort of sources people are relying on for information about COVID-19 and the public health advice that has been given, and it asks what sort of precautions people are taking. There is a fairly wide variety of questions about your experience so far with the pandemic in BC. It also gives the opportunity to indicate your interest in participating in further studies."

If you want your voice heard, you must hurry as time is running out. The survey closes on May 31st. The poll can be accessed through the B.C. Centers for Disease Control website or by phone.