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Tara Howse

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Tara Howse

A social science researcher focusing on social justice concerns related to inequality, I have a degree in criminal justice and am nearing completion of a Master’s in Globalization and Equality Issues, focusing on trust and power in the large development project process. My career has been in community economic development where I’ve worked at the local level to identify issues and develop solutions. An active volunteer my whole life, I was most recently the Chair of the Rossland Sustainability Commission but have served on various boards in a variety of roles.

As a small business owner, I have proven capacities to work at a distance and am highly organized with excellent time management skills. During this campaign, I have managed to balance course and contract work while still maintaining a strong presence throughout the riding. 

Top Issue

My top issue is the erosion of democracy, largely due to corporate influence. To address this, I will introduce and support legislation that improves the transparency and accountability in government processes, such as lobbying regulations and addressing corporate tax loopholes. This influence affects all of us, whether it’s within the environmental, social, or economic realms. Until we can deal with the systemic issues that exist as a result of concentrated power and money, real actions to resolve pressing needs – such as the climate crisis – can never truly be solved.

I do believe that we can fix the system when strong voices are elected and free to ask tough questions, without fear of reprimands from their Party. The Green Party allows me to represent the constituents first, not be forced by the Party whip. They support and encourage their MPs to have independent and creative thinking that works collaboratively to address issues with evidence-based solutions.