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Terry Tiessen


I am our voice!  BUT, I need help. If we are to speak up for free markets, property rights and individual freedoms in our backyard, I have been chosen to be that voice.

As a journalist of the truth and someone seeking public office, I will give some transparency to myself.

I was born in London, Ontario in 1968. My parents decided to become missionaries to the Phillippenes and moved there in 1970. This experience for me gave me a deep compassion for the third world and the financial discrepancies globally. Living through Martial Law By the American backed despot, Ferdinand Marcos and the assassination of Benigno Aquino and subsequent People Power revolution that removed Marcos from power. A profound social awareness was brewing in my spirit. I was Class of 86 at Faith Academy, a missionary school accredited by the California school board and seething with smug superiority. We then moved to Canada.

My introduction to Western Life in Canada was a shock to my system. My 20;s were spent trying to right all the wrongs in the world. Protesting everything, working for Greenpeace and West Coast Canada Wilderness, and being a activist with all my spare time. I was arrested for blockading a golf course on Agriculture reserve land, thrown out of a McDonalds because we were doing a skit with actual McDonalds garbage glued all over us. Started a Canvasing department for the Gitxsan and wetsuit land claims and was a founding 14 at the Francis Street Squats

Click to watch a Movie about the Francis Street Squats and the Activist Culture in 1990 Vancouver.

However, I was tired of being against it all and wanted to start living for something. I immersed myself in the world of community building. Trying the alternative lifestyle of communes, organic farming, heritage seed collection, primitive living skills, free energy devices, conflict resolution, NAC, polygamy, native rights and spirituality and complete libertarian sovereignty. At this time I was a Founder of the Slocan Community Library  and along with a Conspiracy radio show on C0-0p Radio I began to formulate my plan.


The goal is to utilise my potential to it’s fullest and to better the world around me. In school I was president of the student council and most thought a career in politics fitting. I needed a way to help others. I started my first YouTube channel and Twitter account to spread the word, and now in the tradition of Rebal Media and Press for Truth I have started the free press source Canadian Awakening Independent Media. But….this is not enough for me and my potential , thus my political aspirations.