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Sean Taylor


Sean Taylor

My name is Sean Taylor and I'm here to work for the people of South Okanagan-West Kootenay. I grew up in Vernon and have an eclectic work history including construction, various service industry jobs (with over a decade in the kitchen), running a small business and manufacturing. My daughter Alyssa was born in 1997. I went to SAIT in Calgary in 1999 and did an Emergency Medical Technician course. I then moved to northern Alberta and worked for a service providing Advance Life Support air ambulance all over northwestern Canada. I was also a volunteer with 2 Fire/Rescue services while living up there.

In 2002 I enrolled in nursing at Mount Royal College and knowing I would be static during my studies, I joined the Calgary Highlanders, a reserve light infantry unit. While in nursing school, I trained with the military at night, on weekends and during the summer. I graduated with distinction in 2005 and have worked as an emergency nurse since.

In 2008 I took a break from nursing and went to Kingston for PsyOps training. Later that same year I started my workup training for Afghanistan. I deployed in 2009-10 as the second in command of a Tactical Psychological Operations Team and had the honour to work with the 1st Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Battle Group based in Kandahar province.

I currently work as an ER nurse for Interior Health in Kelowna, Penticton, and Vernon. I also still do the occasional locus in northern Alberta, having recently helped with the evacuations due to the fires in the High Level/Ft Vermillion area. This summer I completed my basic officer training and am now a reserve Nursing Officer with 12 Field Ambulance in Vancouver. Throughout my career I have done my best to be of service to my country and the communities I live in and I feel privileged to have been able to do so. I view my involvement with the PPC as the next, and possibly most important, phase of this service.

The first year I was old enough to vote; the Bloc Quebecois formed the official opposition. My first ballot cast was for the Reform Party and this frustrating outcome had a lasting impression on me. I, like a lot of Canadians, haven't always paid the closest attention to what was happening politically in my country. I got busy living. In 2015 an army buddy introduced me to trading and I took an active role in managing my retirement savings. This caused me to pay a lot closer attention to the news again. I became alarmed at what I was seeing. Not only was I watching corporations and hundreds of billions in investments and projects flee a dysfunctional Canadian regulatory environment; a shift had occurred in my country when I wasn't looking. Language had changed, truth had become less than paramount, and hyperbole had replaced nuance. I started doing research to try and get my head around what I was seeing and experiencing. In that search I found several people speaking truth to power and paying the price for it. I was pleased to see there were a few Canadians in that group. Maxime Bernier was one of those people. For the first time in my life; a Canadian politician was saying things that resonated with me. I felt compelled to get involved, so I became a founding member of the PPC. I met people from all walks of life with different political leanings that shared the same concerns that I did. We live in a great country that was built on the sweat and sacrifice of those who came before us. We made a wrong turn somewhere. Fortunately, we can fix this. I view this election as an opportunity to make a couple minor course corrections and get back on track. Join us in this common sense revolution. I feel our platform and Max's leadership are the best hope for the Canada I want my daughter and I to live in.