40 Dogs in Distress Seized from West Kootenay Sled Dog Operation


Forty distressed dogs were seized from a sled dog operation outside of Salmo on Tuesday by BC SPCA.

Chief Prevention and Enforcement Officer Marcie Moriarty tells the EZ Rock Newsroom that dog sledding operations are guided by Canada's Sled Dog Code of Practice, a set of guidelines initially developed with support from BC SPCA.

She says in this case SPCA had worked with the individual in the past to ensure the bare minimum requirements were being met, but as the case proceeded those requirements were not met and when the dogs met the definition of distressed, action was taken.

Moriarty says some house pets were left behind that didn't meet the definition of distressed.

The veterinarian and officer on scene noted a variety of concerns at the property in question, including suspected dehydration, untreated veterinary issues, inadequate shelter leading some dogs to experience hypothermia, as well as some stereotypical or repetitive behaviour.

Moriarty adds besides running sled dog tours in the West Kootenays, to her understanding the individual also offers boarding for dogs and a behavioural modification service.

The 40 pooches have been transported to various branches throughout BC’s interior and are receiving ongoing veterinary treatment and care.

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