Automated Weather Observation System to land at Trail Regional Airport


The Trail Regional Airport is receiving $65,000 in grant funding from the BC-Air Access Program to purchase and install an Automated Weather Observation System.

Airport Manager Robert Baker says the equipment should have a positive impact all the way around once it's been set-up.

He explains that airlines will have immediate data on cloud height to help determine whether a flight can land, which is more convenient for passengers and with any luck will remove guesswork involved in approximating cloud height allowing more planes to come in.

He adds wind isn't typically an issue, but the biggest challenge for the region is clouds in the winter and off seasons:

Baker says the airport isn't lacking any particular services but they do hope to further develop the airport lands, adding there is interest from private businesses looking at building hangers on site and offering aviation and cargo services.

He says the team is open to exploring those options and others to help Trail Regional Airport expand and grow.

The new Automated Weather Observation System is planned to be installed and functioning by December 1st of this year.