Bent On Art Festival Returns to Kootenays


(Image provided by Facebook)

Bent On Art is back after missing 2020, and this year the month-long Kootenay LGBT+ art festival runs separately from Kootenay Pride.

The event started in 2018 and is usually in-line with both Pride and the Pride Parade at the end of August, but a funding extension from last year means March is as late as this year’s festivities can be held.

Director Curator Samonte Cruz explains the Bent On Art Challenge:

They say all throughout March community members are encouraged to make art or engage in some sort of other creative practice, sharing what is made on social media and building up to an online exhibition and question and answer session on March 28th.

Also a virtual performance event on the 27th features BC-based performers and a “meet and greet” question and answer session if it’s own.

Cruz says each Saturday throughout March, Bent On Art will be hosting a Life Drawing Workshop.

They say that LGBT+ community members have been hand-picked to be models for the course, adding that a lot of the time when doing life drawings only certain body types can be represented, so the goal with this course is generating art that truly reflects LGBT+ bodies.

Cruz says it's important to support local artists and especially those in minority groups, adding they're excited for the virtual aspect so that those outside the Kootenays can finally take part.

They say what started as just an art show has really grown a life of it's own and the community support has been overwhelming, adding that the first year’s reception was standing room only.