Bruno Tassone Resigns as Castlegar Mayor

Mayor Tassone

Today, January 8th, Bruno Tassone tendered his resignation from his role as Mayor of the City of Castlegar.

A release says council and staff are processing the news and are committed to ensuring the services residents expect from the city are not disrupted.

In Tassone’s letter of resignation to CAO Chris Barlow and council, he says he’s felt humbled and honoured to have been a leader in the community but his time has been equally difficult.

He says the position of Mayor has challenged his physical health, also citing harmful, bullying and disrespectful behaviour targeting him since his arrival as councilman over six years ago.

Tassone says as hard as the decision is, he deeply regrets he is no longer able to serve in his position and represent his constituents, adding his family, mental and physical health must come first.