Castlegar council supports drafting new animal control bylaw, services


The City of Castlegar supports drafting a new Animal Control Bylaw per the West Kootenay SPCA's write-in suggestions back in August.

August's letter addressed standard of care concerns and an overall evidence-based approach to decreasing dog bites through mandatory licencing and more.

The City is also including over $50,000 for contracting Animal Control Services from the SPCA branch in the 2021 Draft Budget for consideration.

Councillor Cherryl MacLeod calls the suggestions amazing and says there needs to be a more general umbrella for dangerous pets instead of just picking on a single breed.

Councillor Dan Rye says they haven't paid quite this much before for the service and he isn’t happy with the price, but he likes the proposal, adding the SPCA could also have great ideas to help create more revenue.

He says the municipality has also been without these services for about a year so it might be worth ensuring the city is covered legally.

The city's previous animal control officer worked from 1988 through February, 2019.