Castlegar weather station sees nearly double January snow average


Castlegar's January Weather report is in from the Southeast Fire Center.

Weather Forecaster Jesse Ellis says last month saw roughly double the amount of normal rainfall, and nearly double the amount of normal snowfall.

He says it’s significant because it’s less of a temperature driven anomaly, and instead more driven by the frequency and number of pacific systems rolling over the region.

The lowest temperature last month was -14.7 degrees on the morning of the 15th, and the warmest temperature was reported on the 4th at 7.7 degrees -setting a new daily record.

Ellis says a total of 78.2 centimetres of snow fell between the 6th and 16th, with only 2 dry days all month, so if it felt like you shovelled more snow than normal it’s because you probably did.

He adds current weather patterns suggest we could see another Winter Storm later on Friday, possibly seeing over 10 centimetres of snow, although it’s hard to be certain.