City approves Grand Forks drive-in movie venue


(Image credit: Facebook/Chuck Varabioff)

Last month an impending drive-in movie venue for Grand Forks was waiting on the appropriate permitting; now the project officially has the green light.

Project lead Chuck Varabioff is the Owner and Organizer of Canada Rock Fest, and past Cannafest events; he wanted to do something with the campground space on 68th avenue with the lack of having a music festival this year.

He says now they're just waiting on the 40-foot inflatable screen and hope to have movies up and running by Thursday, July 9th.

The City didn’t only give Varabioff the go-ahead for this season; he can operate these drive-in movies now for the next 3 years.

He says this will give people in town something to do, and whether 20 cars or 100 cars come out it’ll still have a positive impact.

So far the first films being shown are fairly new ones: Do-Little, and The Invisible Man.

For more details find Canada Rock Fest on Facebook.