City of Grand Forks sets by-election dates, debates ballot questions


Who wants a year-round shelter in the City of Grand Forks? Who wants a supportive housing project as proposed by BC Housing?

You might find the above questions on a ballot for the City of Grand Forks' upcoming by-election.

Councillor Niel Krog had proposed each as a referendum question at the last council meeting but staff says if they were on a separate ballot they wouldn't need provincial approval.

Krog says the city is just been “spinning wheels” on the topics and has been some for some time, adding a referendum could ultimately put these items on either the front burner or back burner.

Council forwarded the questions to staff for rewording, which will later return to council aiming to forward them to an opinion poll on a separate ballot in the by-election.

Mayor Brian Taylor voted in opposition; he says he can’t support either an opinion poll or referendum as the community already knows these amenities are needed.

He adds the poll would ask a simplistic question regarding a very complex issue.

The by-election general voting day is set for Saturday, December 5th with advanced polls on November 25th.

Formal notice of nomination goes out tomorrow, October 14th, with the nomination period open October 20th through October 30th.