Coldest Night of the Year Goes Virtual in February


(Image provided by Nelson CARES Society - Photo Credits: Bobbi Barbarich Photography)

The latest Coldest Night of the Year campaign has hit the ground running and the February 20th event is going virtual.

The event usually sees a large gathering before start time with a chilli dinner at the finish, but Coordinator Stephanie Myers with the Nelson CARES Society says to expect February's walk to look different.

She says they’re asking folks to walk within their household, work or family bubbles on February 20th, adding you can also walk at any time through the month of February that works to get together with your team.

Myers says one bright side in going virtual with this event is that your virtual team members don’t have to be local people; you can team up with folks across municipal, regional and even provincial borders.

The event's core values are remaining intact as people walk in the cold, contemplating the challenges faced by those who spend their lives there.

Myers says another change this year is the scrapping of registration fees.

She says Nelson ranks 3rd place across the country for Coldest Night of the Year out of about 150 municipalities and she chalks it up to their local sponsors.

Myers says any questions can be directed her way.