Columbia Basin Trust releases new Strategic Plan


The Columbia Basin Trust is releasing their finalized strategic plan after engaging with the community, volunteers and local governments through the summer.

President and CEO Johnny Strilaeff says The Trust had initially planned to spend 2020 going community to community, but resorted to a second-best option when COVID-19 got in the way of public consultation.

He explains that a multi- phased engagement process starting with over 40 virtual meetings was the first step in developing the draft plan.

There are six strategic priorities in the final plan: community well-being, ecosystem enhancement, high-speed connectivity, housing, local food production and access and support for business renewal.

As for The Trust’s two integrated priorities, climate resilience and working with indigenous peoples, Strilaeff says it’s about incorporating action into all of The Trust’s work, for example on the topic of climate resilience and housing, developments must be made in ways supportive of a changing climate or reducing the impact housing has on climate change.

That’s not all however; Strilaeff says 2020 is the 25th anniversary of the creation of The Columbia Basin Trust, adding residents will be hearing and seeing more in the following weeks.