Columbia River Treaty Negotiations, round 8 in Kimberly last week

Columbia River Treaty Negotiations came back to the basin, with meetings held in Kimberly Last week.

While no politicians sit at the table, Kootenay West MLA Katrine Conroy is the Minister Responsible for the treaty.

Negotiators from Canada, BC and the US continue to meet to discuss the treaty, last week was the 8th round.

The next round heads back over the border in November.

It's a lengthy process, but Conroy says it's something that's going to affect generations to come.

She says she was a little kid when it was signed in the 60's so this will affect our kids, and grandchildren and their kids for generations to come so they have to make sure it's done right.

The original issues for the treaty were flood risk management and hydro power, now the discussion includes ecosystem cooperation.

Meanwhile Conroy says they're going to be holding more public consultation around the basin in the near future.