Cottonwood Lake Preservation Society Addresses Campaign Extension


(Image provided by Facebook)

The holiday season saw good news for a group fundraising to protect 49-hectares of forest above Cottonwood Lake just outside of Nelson.

The Cottonwood Lake Preservation Society fell $35,000 short of their $400,000 goal, but the December 31st deadline is now being extended to February 28th.

Treasurer Bruce Morrison believes fundraising momentum is a big part of what allowed for the extension and says over 100 donors raised almost $20,000 between December 29th and January 4th alone.

He says the RDCK has purchased phase one for the campaign but more of the area’s land still needs to be protected.

Furthermore, Morrison says while the $400,000 is what was agreed upon and will alleviate the pressure of potential logging, it still isn't the end game and more work will be required.