Cottonwood Lake Preservation Society Meets Fundraising Goal


The Cottonwood Lake Preservation Society has successfully reached their $400,000 fundraising goal.

Twenty-months of fundraising effort are aimed at purchasing 49 hectares of mature forest above Cottonwood Lake outside of Nelson, which was slated for clear-cut before the landowner agreed to sell to The Society if a certain amount of funds were raised.

Board Member and Spokesperson Andrew Mcburney says over 1000 individual donations are making their dream a reality, and he’s almost speechless to have made it this far following two deadline-extensions from the land owner.

He says The Society now has enough money to give to the landowner so that the trees can stay put, after which funds will go to the Regional District to begin the process of transferring the land over to a national land trust organization, which isn’t yet being named.

Mcburney says while the Society landed slightly above the fundraising goal, they still need to top-up the remaining $120,000 needed for the land trust endowment.

He estimates that a large pending grant that The Society is hopeful about would take them a long way towards their next funding goal, which they hope to wrap up over the next couple of months.

However, Mcburney says everyone can take a deep breath of fresh air with no more deadlines to meet fundraising targets.

He thanks the community for stepping up and says to go and enjoy Cottonwood Lake with your family.