Early snow, new precipitation records in SEFC weather report


Early snow and new precipitation records are the biggest take-aways from the Southeast Fire Centre's climate report for October 2020.

Weather Forecaster Jesse Ellis says the most notable weather event through last month was snow on October 23rd.

He calls it one of the earliest occurrences of more than 10 centimetres of snow in October that our region has ever seen, adding that when looking back over the last 20 years only two events managed to accumulate over five centimetres of snow, in 2006 and 2009.

Ellis explains that a cool north-westerly flow starting around the 21st of October pre-cooled the environment in advance of a storm on the 23rd; otherwise it may have just been a rainy day.

Two daily precipitation records were however broken with 12.8 millimetres of rainfall on October 10th and 16.4 millimetres of rain on the 16th.

The mean monthly temperature was bang-on normal at eight degrees.