FOKLSS looks back at weekend cleaning Foreshore Beach

friends of kooteany lake

The Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society is drying off after cleaning the lake bed of Nelson`s Foreshore Beach this past weekend.

The Society alongside Kootenay Lake Sailing Association and West Kootenay Boating Association volunteers cleaned between five and 30 metres deep starting from the Prestige Marina and working towards Lakeside Park.

Program Manager Camille LeBlanc says it was smooth sailing, or rather diving.

Their plan to use homemade grappling hooks to pull up mesh bags full of trash from the lakebed  worked really well.

LeBlanc says it was fun watching divers swim along the bottom of the lake as you could see the bags and it became a sort of guessing game what they contained, adding a lot of people going for their morning or afternoon walks seemed impressed and curious as well.

She says they found umbrellas, boat windshields, bicycles and more, even disposing of a boat that was making it's way down to the bottom.

Last week the EZ Rock Newsroom asked LeBlanc "how often does this work need to be done?" and this week she definitely had a different answer.

She says you could do the work every day and only scratch the surface, adding it would be a great event to coordinate maybe twice in the summer or at least once per year.