Gord Lamont runs for Castlegar Mayor


One of five candidates running for Mayor in the City of Castlegar's by-election is Gord Lamont.

Residents may know Lamont though his home-renovation and repair-work, his daily positive Facebook posts that have ran for eight-straight years, or his parents who were Citizens of The Year back in 2017.

Lamont tells the EZ Rock Newsroom that he’s running because he’s watched the city for a long time and can’t sit by and watch what’s going on anymore, adding there’s a need for a fresh new approach to the way both the mayor’s office and council is run.

One of Lamont’s concerns is city-spending, especially amid the pandemic.

He says lots of people had to tighten their belts and conserve on money but it doesn’t seem like the city is cutting back on very much when they should be setting an example.

Lamont adds another of his concerns is regarding a gap between city council and residents that he says is huge, suggesting he wants to bring both sides back together to think from a “we” prospective instead of “us versus them”.

He’s most proud of his positive posts that help lift locals up as well as people from outside the area, adding he commonly receives messages about them online.

Lamont also says he’s proud of his support for the foodbank and various other local charities and initiatives, adding he’s the type of person to give somebody in need the shirt off his back.

He says he’s always been a leader and has managed to progress to management-levels swiftly in his work, adding his life experiences can more-than-make-up for his lack of political experience.

The EZ Rock Newsroom will be hearing from other mayoral and councillor candidates in the weeks leading up to Castlegar’s April 24th by-election.