Grand Forks city council grants 6 month permit for winter shelter


As the weather turns cold in Grand Forks hot topics like winter shelters come back around and this year city council is working to have services in place in a timely fashion.

BC Housing recently applied for a temporary use permit for an extreme weather shelter at the Old Hardy View Lodge at 2320 78th Avenue.

A survey saw 41 residents voting against the project with 20 in favor.

Councillor Zak Ebourne Stoodley believes most concerns are regarding possible activity happening around and outside the building, suggesting staff might be able to monitor and maintain on-site activity but the greater neighbourhood may get out of hand.

Councillor Christine Thompson says in years prior the homeless have illegally lodged in and destroyed the building, but this year she's taking personal responsibility, encouraging neighbours to call her and let her know should any issues arise through the six month occupancy.

Council granted the temporary permit and Boundary Family Services will operate the shelter until March 31st.