Grand Forks city councillor transitions to Utilities Manager position


(Image supplied by Facebook: rzatthecity)

A city councillor for The City of Grand Forks is stepping down from his role, but not from his duty to the community.

Rod Zielinski officially resigned on Thursday, August 13th, to join the city's senior management team as the new Utilities Manager effective August 24th.

He says a time limit on the position enticed him to step up, adding the city has a busy to-do list with a plethora of projects on the books that aren’t moving; he hopes his past knowledge of city operations can speed up that process.

Zielinksi hopes to offer more for both the city and community through this new position.

He says between his knowledge of projects and where they stand in queue servicing, plus some of his background administration work, he hopes to jump-start the process and hit the ground running.

Zielinkski was the Electrical Coordinator for the City until 2017 and also spent time working for Fortis Alberta.

The City says they're taking steps to conduct a by-election later this year or in early 2021.