Grand Forks launching campaign on flood recovery progress

Grand Forks Flooding

The Recovery to Resilience campaign is a new effort from the City of Grand Forks to engage with and inform the community on recovery progress.

Included in the campaign kick-off: A mail-out to property owners within land-acquisition areas with a proposal to provide them with land and title for parcels in residential areas.

Mayor Brian Taylor says they're asking the province for servicing costs.

He says the city is contributing to the whole recovery process 3.5 million dollars so they are putting in a considerable amount of money. How much it will cost to service those lots will depend on where they are. They're going to be looking at the properties out there that are not serviced that are easy to service, the ones they can get to with the least amount of cost.

This is part of the overall 55-million dollar multi-year recovery project, following flooding in 2018 that caused 38-million dollars in damage to parts of Grand Forks.