Grand Forks Pastafarian Addresses Judge's Decision to Not Hear Dispute


A Grand Forks man is still getting over a judge's recent decision to deny a judicial review, after BC's Human Rights Tribunal refused to pursue his claim that ICBC is treating him unfairly.

Gary Smith says now he's looking to lawyer-up and hopefully put his drivers-license drama to rest, after several years of pursuit to wear his religious headgear in his drivers-license photograph.

Smith is a Pastafarian: A member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster of BC, and Pastafarians wear colanders or tricorns (three-cornered cap) on their heads to identify in community as belonging to their religion.

The British Columbian based 170-member church registered as a legitimate society in BC back in 2016.

Smith says he absolutely feels he's being treated unfairly.

He claims to have both a valid Possession and Acquisition Firearms License and BC Marriage Commissioners’ ID wearing his tricorn, adding while he can wear the headgear in official identification at both a federal and provincial level, he still can’t through ICBC.

While the news of Smith’s Supreme Court dealings in Rossland rubbed some Facebook users the wrong way, he says he essentially stands for the rights of everybody's religious expression, and while Pastafarians might not take everything as seriously as some other religions, it doesn't diminish the sincerity in which they hold their beliefs.