Grand Forks RCMP seize drugs at hotel unit search warrent execution


Last week saw the third large-scale drug investigation resulting in a sizeable seizure of drugs since August for Grand Forks RCMP.

On Monday, January 27th, detachment investigators with assistance from the South East District General Investigation Section based out of Kelowna, executed a search warrent at a hotel unit on Donaldson Drive.

A Grand Forks man was arrested on scene without incident and later released for a court date this Spring.

From the search RCMP seized what is considered to be a substantial amount of suspected illicit drugs in various forms, belived to be both fentanyl and cocaine, although further lab testing is required to be sure.

Sergeant Darryl Peppler says while pleased with the latest results, there's still work to be done, and the Grand Forks detachment is committed.

Also from Grand Forks RCMP: An update on counterfeit dollar bills curculating the city.

Early last month the detachment warned of fake US currency being passed around town in either 20 or 5 dollar notes.

Sergeant Darryl Peppler says 3 arrests have since been made, adding a small handful of counterfeit Canadian bills were reported as well.