Impaired Driving, Brass Knuckles, More in Trail RCMP Report


Let's take a look at yesterday's weekly report from the Trail and Greater District RCMP Detachment:

A 30-year old Midway woman was fined, following a report on Saturday  of a suspicious vehicle parked near Tamarac Avenue on Farwell Street.

The woman and her two passengers were investigated by officers, who discovered the driver was prohibited from driving and lacked valid plates and vehicle insurance.

The woman and one passenger also had warrants out for their arrest for unrelated matters; now the 30-year old Midway resident makes her first Rossland court appearance March 4th.

The Trail Detachment is continuing their investigation of an 18-year old man for allegedly possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

The investigation began around 6:30AM on Saturday when an Edmonton Man reportedly wore brass knuckles in full view of the public domain downtown Fruitvale.

The man turned the brass knuckles over to officers without incident.

Trail RCMP says two impaired driving cases last week resulted in immediate roadside prohibitions.

Late last Thursday night an officer stopped a grey Nissan pickup truck observed driving with inoperable taillights, and entered an impaired driving investigation after allegedly smelling liquor.

A 27-year old Rossland man was issued a three day roadside prohibition.

Hours later, early Friday morning, a white 1994 Camry passenger car was seen being driven erratically in Warfield but failed to stop for police when activating emergency lights and sirens.

The driver came to a stop when police activated an air horn and a 21-year old Rossland man was issued a 90-day prohibition after providing a breath sample.