JoeAnna's House tours Kootenay region


(Image provided by Facebook)

Kelowna General Hospital serves up to one million men, woman and children in the Interior including us Kootenay folks - and JoeAnna's house has been helping since launching last November.

Manager Darlene Haslock says JoeAnna's House is a two-story facility with 20 guest rooms and 28 parking stalls, where people can stay when loved ones are bunked up at KGH.

She says the longest a family has stayed is 59 nights and it was a couple from Nelson; they spent a fair amount of time awaiting their newborn and a couple more days afterwards.

Haslock adds you could stay even longer than that if needed.

Numbers are back up at JoeAnna’s House after the facility almost had to close in March due to the pandemic; now a road trip is taking place to meet with and thank community partners around the Kootenays.

Haslock says today, September 14th, she's in Nelson and next she'll be East Kootenay-bound.

She adds they’re closely affiliated with the Prestige Hotel as the original owners donated the first million dollars to get JoeAnna’s house going.

Kelowna General Hospital is the main referral hospital in BC's Interior with one out of every four beds occupied by someone outside of the Central Okanagan.