June weather report sees less rain, more storms


We could see a few more showers going into mid-July, and we've already seen more than usual for this month.

Weather Forecaster Jesse Ellis at the Southeast Fire Centre in Castlegar says June's total rainfall was 23% below average, which is largely due to variable showers over relatively short distances.

He says for now the Kootenays remain at risk of seeing showers and thunder showers, adding record breaking heat appears to be off the table until mid-July.

Ellis says for some people the memory of last month may blend into the beginning of this month, adding some spots impacted by thunderstorms saw more rain produced during the first couple days of July than those areas usually get through the whole month.

June also saw 50% more thunderstorms than normal.

Temperatures were pretty average for June with the highest value at 31.8 degrees recorded on June 23rd.