KAAP President addresses pet dumping following Paulson kitten rescue

Paulson Cats

Whatever the problem is, just reach out.

That's the message from Kootenay Animal Assistance Program (KAAP) President Laurel Mathew after rescuing three of four kittens left near the Paulson Bridge, Highway 3.

All four kittens are however accounted for; one wasn't so lucky.

Mathew says she first heard about the kittens when she was tagged in a Facebook post by someone getting firewood over the pass.

She left traps in the parking lot area up there with sardines, catching the first two cats on Monday, October 5th, and the last cat the next day.

She says she brought the kittens home and to the vet; one seems to be missing an eye and the other some teeth, but all are purring and have a fresh chance at life.

One has the pending name “Toofers”, but all three black cats are said to be open to being named.

Mathew says the cats are obviously humanized and were purring, trusting and loving her almost instantly, but how somebody could simply drive somewhere, dump animals out the side of a vehicle and leave has her speechless.

She says she has experienced many dumping cases and locations over her 10 years with KAAP including near the mill in Castlegar, Pass Creek, the Paulson and Eholt, but says dumping an animal is sure death; one could instead bring animals to a rescue, make a phone call or even leave them at a business.

KAAP, or The Kootenay Animal Assistance Program, is a West Kootenay based animal rescue, rehab and rehome centre for stray, abandoned and surrendered cats, dogs, kittens and puppies.

Mathew says there are low income spay and neuter programs available in our area, offered through KAAP and even BC SPCA, adding you should reach out to local organizations for whatever problem it is you have.

She adds not getting your cats fixed can cause larger problems down the road and people giving away kittens for free online, like on Facebook, can seriously snowball out of control.

In this particular case they may have a lead; Mathew says she received an anonymous tip to follow up on regarding the dumping and although she doesn’t have the authority to prosecute, the BC SPCA’s Cruelty Investigator certainly does should they have a suspect.