Katrine Conroy addresses General Voting Day landslide victory


It was a landslide victory in the Kootenay-West riding Saturday night with NDP's Katrine Conroy landing 57.54% of votes.

Elections BC hopes to have final election results by November 16th but Conroy says "she's in"; any mail-in ballots will only change the percentage for this riding and Conroy says she’s been declared.

She says she’s thrilled with the NDP majority government and thanks her team, adding nobody wins an election on their own.

Conroy also thanks the community stating she was humbled by Saturday's results and is honored to be representing Kootenay-West again, further promising to continue advocating on people’s behalf.

Conroy says she heard a lot of people expressing their support because they were happy with work already being done by government.

She adds people seem happy with what is happening in the constituency, people are concerned about heath care, the pandemic and they also seem to like Premier John Horgan.

Although Conroy still has some time before getting back to work as MLA, it’s back to work tomorrow already as Minister of Children and Family Development.

RESULTS - Kootenay West*

*(Results as of 09:00hrs - 10/25/2020. To be updated)

Votes: 9,938/33,192 29.9%  Polls:  64/88 72.7%
Party Candidate Votes Vote Share % Elected Leading
NDP Conroy, Katrine 5718 57.5 1
GRN Duncan, Andrew 1862 18.7   2
LIB Kelley, Corbin 1162 11.7   3
CON Byle, Glen 937 9.4   4
IND Varney, Ed 135 1.4   5
IND Quince, Fletcher 124 1.2   6