KERPA's Doctor Sparrow Speaks to New Cardiac Monitor Equipment

Zoll Nic2

(Image provided by KERPA)

After two years of fundraising, The Kootenay Emergency Response Physician Association has purchased their new "Zoll-X-Series" Cardiac Monitor.

KERPA provides pre-hospital services to serious 911 calls, and Emergency and Pre-Hospital Response Physician Doctor Nicholas Sparrow says the machine adds a whole lot more to their operations.

Sparrow says KERPA sends him, as an EMS Physician, into the most critical 911 calls and the equipment brought to the scene needs to either be used in patient’s homes, at the road side or wherever the call comes in from.

He says the Cardiac Monitor monitors patients’ heart rate, oxygen saturations and blood pressure, but also allows responders to manage somebody’s airway when the need to be incubated and helps monitor the ventilation and breathing.

The equipment also helps with cardiac arrest to monitor CPR being performed and how far the chest is being compressed.

When the EZ Rock Newsroom spoke with Sparrow early-February, the new equipment was ready for action in the truck, but thankfully it hadn’t yet been needed for use at that time.

Doctor Sparrow says purchasing this equipment new costs over $30,000.

He thanks Blue Cross, Zoll, CBT and the rest of the community for their support, as the device provider sponsored and subsidized the cost and The Pacific Blue Cross Health Foundation granted $10,000.

Sparrow says the fundraising never really stops for KERPA; the charity organization has responded to about 50 cardiac arrests over six or seven years each costing about two to three hundred dollars and now they are raising funds to support $5000 of annual operating costs.

Interior Health had loaned them a device prior to this purchase.